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Re: Strange firewall logs

Micah Anderson <micah@riseup.net> writes:
> Ah, looking at my firewall I've got:
> -A output -s -d -p 17 -j ACCEPT
> -A output -s -d -j REJECT -l
> -A output -s -d -j REJECT -l
> -A input -s -d -j DENY -l
> -A input -s -d -j DENY -l
> So from what you are saying I should add:

You should stop filtering loopback, as this is useless (one exception:
It is possible to trick a malconfigured proxy into talking to
internal services via 'lo'.) 

> Should these be allowable from to anywhere? is a 'virtual' interface which in reality is always the
machine itself. 


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