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Re: Strange firewall logs

Tim Bishopric wrote:

> This log shows that Ipchains is rejecting outbound loopback (lo) traffic with a source IP of and a destination of  Protocol 1 is ICMP (see /etc/services) and I think type 3 reports "destination unreachable."  If you block ICMP, you will have problems with DNS, timeouts, etc.
> More info:
> http://www.linuxsecurity.com/resource_files/firewalls/firewall-seen.html#2

It is definitely not wise to block ICMP unreachables, source-quench, parameter-problem and time-exceeded. But it is wise to block ICMP redirect, timestamp-(req|reply), info-(req|reply) and address-(req|reply). The only exception is that if you can trust a router then it MAY be ok to accept redirects
from it.

I leave pings up to your descretion :p

I usually recommend blocking all ICMP except for:
     0 echo reply (ping reply)
     3 destination unreachable
     4 source quench
     8 echo request (ping)
    11 time exceeded
    12 parameter problem

This stuff is all diagnostics, the rest has questionable use (even on internal networks).


Simon Murcott
e. simon@murcott.net

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