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Re: ISPs offering ssl-encrypted e-mail?

> > The whole inet must be overhauled: secure by default!
> Unfortunately, this will not happen in the near future. The Internet was
> designed as a) a headless entity that could survive having multiple areas
> of it turned to air pollution by nuclear weapons and still survive, and b)

This is a popular myth: 

"Why was the ARPAnet started? Most of the early "history" on the subject
is wrong. As Director of ARPA at the time, I can tell you our intent. The 
ARPAnet was not started to create a Command and Control System that would  
survive a nuclear attack, as many now claim. To build such a system was
clearly a major military need, but it was not ARPA's mission to do this;
in fact, we would have been severely criticized had we tried. Rather, the
ARPAnet came out of our frustration that there were only a limited number
of large, powerful research computers in the country, and that many
research investigators who should have access to them were geographically
separated from them."
        -- Charles M. Herzfeld 

(stolen from http://emeagwali.com/history/internet/) 

Mostyn Bramley-Moore.

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