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Re: ISPs offering ssl-encrypted e-mail?

At 21:02 6.2.2001, Steve Robbins wrote:

What you say is true of today, but of course cars have had a much
longer history than computers.  I've often wondered how the state of
computer technology of today compares with the state of automobile
technology of, say, the 1920s.  (I don't know myself, and I'd welcome
any recommendation of a book that explores this) I suspect that the
early car driver also had to be a mechanic.  ;-)

People's expectation of quality in their automobile has certainly
increased, but I do wonder what drives this, if you'll pardon the pun.
Didn't high profile lobbyists (Ralph Nader?) pushing governments to
enact safety standards have a lot to do with this?


[OK, yes I know this is way off topic.]

This is also off topic, but while safety has propably risen
realiability as overall hasn't with cars. New cars have lot more
technology that doesn't work like it should.


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