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Re: The Next Yahoo

Siggi Langauf wrote:
> On Tue, 6 Feb 2001, Matthew H. Ray wrote:
> > According to the Debian mailing list the sender of this spam owes
> > Software in the Public Interest $1999.
> In theory, that's right. But judging from the amount of spam I get via
> debian mailing lists, I'm quite sure that nobody actually has pays those
> $1999...
> Or is there actually somebody who tries to find the person responsible for
> the posting? Someone who actually finds them? And even bills them??
> Doubtfully curious,
>         Siggi

Maybe I'm just naive, but it seems that there is a email address and a
real-world address on the spam.  What's the point of sending spam to
advertise a product you have to buy if there's no way to contact the
seller.  Anyway, if SPI does track these people down hopefully they can
make them pay.

Matt Ray

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