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Re: ISPs offering security


On Tuesday 06 February 2001 19:27, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> * Bradley M Alexander
> | I'll tell you why this happens. For the same reason that users tolerate
> | crappy M$ operating systems that have swiss cheese security and no
> | stability. They have been conditioned this way. Because they think that
> | this is the way that its supposed to happen and there's nothing that can
> | be done about it. Its not like this in other areas of life. If you were
> | driving your new car, and at random intervals, you had to pull over,
> | turn it off, wait and restart, just about every consumer would be down
> | at the dealership jumping on somebody's desk.
> Another reason is probably that you don't see the need for that
> security, until somebody shows you how easy it is to read you mail,
> passwords etc.  And somebody does it to _all_ users.

Dear fellow debianites,

The conclusion would be that benign crackers are probably mankind's best


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