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Re: System log monitor

On Sun, 10 Dec 2000, Rene Mayrhofer wrote:
> files in there. Another small question: Is it better to have different .d
> directories (for ignore, violations, violations.ignore and hacking) or having
> one .d directory and using filename-postfixes (e.g. postfix.ignore,
> postfix.violations, postfix.violations.ignore, postfix.hacking). In the latter
> case, the handling (for logcheck) is a bit more complex and leads to errors
> (files not found when the postfix is not 100% correct, ...), but does not need a
> bunch of directories ?
> I would prefer different directories, but I am open to any suggestions. What do
> you think ?

Well, I personally would prefer just one directory. However, if you want to
use more than one, then PLEASE have them all branching from a single
directory. e.g: /etc/logcheck/ignore.d /etc/logcheck/violations.d ...

This helps to keep /etc/ manageable (it's quite full already) :)

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