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Re: System log monitor

Steve wrote:
> "Steve" == Steve  <tarka@zip.com.au> writes:
> > ... I suppose it would be nice if packages could supply their own
> > violations and ignore files to make this easier ...
> Well, the feeling seems to be that this is a worthwhile project.  I'll
> approach the maintainer and see if he'll accept the changes.  However,
> the package it looking pretty orphaned (long outstanding bugs, some of
> them grave/security-related).  If I don't hear anything back I'll
> put myself in the new-maintainers queue with the intention of updating
> the package.
<weekly rant, just ignore>
Well, the package is not orphaned, I have already fixed nearly all bug reports.
The reason why the package has not been updated in a while is that I am in the
NM queue for myself (since about 1,5 years....). Now I am approved by an AM, but
still waiting for my account to be created.
</weekly rant, just ignore>

Other than that, I must apologize. My mail server had problems delivering mails,
so that answers to these suggestions are sent right now (and yesterday when I
wrote them).

best greets,

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