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Re: What should a Debian-security metapackage should provide?

Christian Kurz escribió:
> On 00-12-04 Javier Fernandez-Sanguino Peña wrote:

	I'm sorry. Having read this I have gone through the list archives and I have
not found any reference to this discussion.
	Yes, there was a discussion regarding metapackages but on how to use it to make
automatic downloads. I'm talking of other issues here
(documentation+dependancies+hardening scripts). If this has been talked about
before feel free to point me to the exact thread

> > (I'm taking this out of the previous thread)
> >       I've been giving some thought on a Debian metapackage related to
> >       security.. and I think that it might be useful to have a package
> >       that :
> Do we really need to discuss this again? There has just been one
> discussion about this and you can read about it in the archives.
> Ciao
>      Christian
> P.S.: Turn that v-card off.



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