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RE: Processes

On Sat, 2 Dec 2000, Jan Martin Mathiassen wrote:

> > Also, from my experience, it's the most convenient way to log completely
> > out of your own box. logged into 12 ttys? (I'm serious, here. i have
> > 20. ;) simple! slay yourself! =)
> fun and easy way to fuck yourself up, tho...
> <dumbfuck mode>
> # slay root
> </dumbfuck mode>

Even worse, I've seen 'sudo userdel root' ... ;)

A friend of mine did that, "just to see what would happen."

And, even though he could have fixed it with a boot disk, he decided to

Still, it was rather fun seeing "You don not exist. Go Away." when you
tried to hit control-alt-del.

Unfortunately, without root, there was no safe way to reboot, and sudo
stopped functioning. =)

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