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Re: Workstation question...

"Henning Seljenes" <seljenes@pdq.net> writes:

>     Sorry this isn't exactly related to the topic of the mailing list, but the
> newbie lists are way to populated (400 in emails in rougly 2 days).

You should post there anyways.  Posting off-topic makes people annoyed.  If you
don't want to wade through the whole list to look for replies, either use a
good mail reader that can handle threading (recommended method), include a note
in your post for people to CC you when they respond, so you don't need to
subscribe to the list, or use the mailing list archives, which handles
threading just fine.

And please don't post in HTML.  It makes people annoyed.

> I have two
> computers I can set up for linux.... MY main computer (p3 700, geforce 2 MX,
> 186mb ram) and I have a differant Dell computer (500 Mhz Celeron, onboard vid
> card, ~64MB ram. I was curious if you would recommend putting debian/linux on
> my main or my other?

Both! ;)

[cut problem description]

Since we're talking about UNIX, the obvious answer is to network them, and then
remotely administer the Dell from your main computer via telnet/ssh, or through
a remote X session.  If you want Windows on your main, there are many X servers
(which unfortunately aren't free), or you can look into VNC.  You only need a
monitor and keyboard on your Dell for the installation process and setup.
After that, pretty much anything else can be done remotely.



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