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Re: Workstation question...


While the `unstable' version of Debian, named `woody', now comes with
XFree86 4.0 (which supports your GeForce), I don't imagine a newbie would
be too comfortable running the unstable distribution...

By the way, can I have your equipment? A Descent monitor? Cool!! I have
_got_ to see that!! ;)



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On Tue, 14 Nov 2000, Henning Seljenes wrote:

>     Sorry this isn't exactly related to the topic of the mailing list, but the newbie lists are way to populated (400 in emails in rougly 2 days). I have two computers I can set up for linux.... MY main computer (p3 700, geforce 2 MX, 186mb ram) and I have a differant Dell computer (500 Mhz Celeron, onboard vid card, ~64MB ram. I was curious if you would recommend putting debian/linux on my main or my other? Problem with the other is that I have no descent monitor (800 x 600 at max if lucky!). I would like to set it up on Dell but my desk is already cluttered with items (21" monitor, computer, (computer-szie) subwoofer, amp for sound control. And my desk is not big; I can't exactly just move stuff over and put it there. But I do feel that if I put it on my Dell it will become ``easier to fix'' where I can have my main booted into windoze, and other into linux, with the main on IRC...... BUT, on my main right now I have Redhat 7.0 (only thing that supported my hardware) and!
 it already has a lot of the ``main'' libraries so I compiled BitchX and can use that on another screen while fixing the linux on another.
> Any suggestions?
> Henning Seljenes
> seljenes@pdq.net

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