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Re: I want to try something for freedom.

On Tue, Oct 31, 2000 at 11:52:51PM -0800, Penguin wrote:
> Hey, Guys.
> I am using definitely Debian on my laptop.
> I wanted to use it in library since they installed ethernet in the library.
> But I had one problem - "The authentication client" which works only on windows machine.
> I was upset that I have to reboot my laptop only for internet. I requested whether I can develop authentication client for my Linux. But they refused my suggestion since that authenticatioin client has proprietory algorithms (what a shit!).
> But I still have a dream to develop this authentication client clone before I graduate and give freedom to other Linux users.
> Does anybody has an idea where to start?

Is this what you want?

Frank aka Myth

The unix learning curve may be steep, but at least you only have to climb
it once -- unknown

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