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Re: Non-us Security (was Re: security.debian.org mirrors?)

Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Previously Nick Phillips wrote:
> > There doesn't appear to be the directory structure for this
> > on security.debian.org - what am I missing?
> Nothing, security.debian.org is in a non-US locatoin and mirroring
> is not encouraged, so we don't need a seperate non-US directory.

So a security update for a package which is usually in, 
say, non-US/non-free will appear on security.debian.org
in the updates/non-free section, right?

I presume nothing in apt or dselect will get confused by the
package appearing to be in two different sections... ?



P.S. This is why I like using Debian; whenever I come up
against something that's not as I would have expected it,
it's almost always because someone (or ones...) has thought
of a better way to do it.

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