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Re: su vulnerability

On Mon, 9 Oct 2000, Ethan Benson wrote:


> i am a bit curious about the recent traceroute bug, (traceroute -g 1
> -g 1 segfaults) pretty much every other major dist has released an
> advisory and update for this, but debian appears not to have (unless i
> missed it).  a fixed traceroute package does exist in proposed-updates
> however.  (its been there for awhile now) same thing with tmpreaper
> (aka tmpwatch) (even though thats only a DoS solved easily by disk
> file quotas)

traceroute comming with traceroute_1.4a5-2 (potato) segfaults
traceroute comming with traceroute_1.4a5-3 (woody) doesn't

Get a deb-src line in your /etc/apt/sources.list to point to the woody

# apt-get --compile source traceroute

and install the new deb.

works for me (tm)


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