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RE: Need help analyzing firewall log message

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> Mathew Johnston
> Sent: Thursday, September 14, 2000 9:47 PM
> To: Christian Pernegger
> Subject: Re: Need help analyzing firewall log message

I thank you for trying to help, but ...

> ICMP messages can be of different types, but do not have port assignments.

I know that. I just stated that you use them in the same syntactic manner in
ipchains. Also the source *and* destination address have types in the log
Naturally only one can denote ICMP type... what's the other?

Is sourceip:3 destip:13 a strange way of saying ICMP type 3, subtype 13??

I'm not a native English speaker so maybe I've phrased some things clumsily.
I'd be grateful if you could re-read my two mails, unfortunately you seem to
misunderstan me.

Thanks again



Your mail setup is screwed up. You have my pop server
in the From and the Reply-To doesn't exist...

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