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Intl. kernel patch and util-linux


I want to install a crypto filesystem using the international kernel
patch as distributed with potato non-US.  I've applied the patch and
built the kernel with serpent, and everything appears to be fine;
/proc/cipher shows that serpent is available.  However, when I run
losetup to enable serpent on the loopback device it reports that
it is unavailable :

    # losetup -e serpent /dev/loop0 cryptfile
    Unsupported encryption type serpent

My feeling is that the versions of the binaries for util-linux are not
patched to handle crypto.  However, I installed from the non-US disks
(ala mirror.aarnet.edu.au), and the man pages discuss the crypto
options.  dpkg reports :

    # dpkg -l | grep util-linux
    ii  util-linux     2.10f-5.1      Miscellaneous system utilities.

Is there another version of util-linux I need to install?


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