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Re: On the security of e-mails

On Fri, May 26, 2000 at 12:19:33AM -0700, Alexander Hvostov wrote:
> Sergio,
> That's what GPG and a good MUA like Pine is for. Let's see "Big
> Brother" crack 1024-bit public key crypto anytime this decade...
> I know you can't legally do this in France; if you have a desire for your
> email to be private, then I suggest moving to a country whose crypto
> policies are not brain-dead, such as the USA, Canada, the UK, and so
> on.
I know it has been terrible for quite a long time, but
crypto is now legal in France. You can use PGP, GPG or any other
software. As far as I rembember, the only limit is 128 bits on
_private_ keys systems, which is more than enough.

I also believe there are some restrictions if you want to create
and/or export a software that includes crypto, but certainly not
as many restrictions than in the US, for example :)


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