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Re: Checksums on ftp

* Ethan Benson 

| one neat way would be a CD-RW, have both an ordinary CDROM and a
| CD-RW drive, when you upgrade or install something move the
| checksums cd-rw to the RW drive, update it then take it out and put
| it back in the CDROM drive.  theres no modifying a CD-r[w] from a
| CDROM drive.  this system would break down on remotely administered
| systems however.

  or having the checksums on a separate host, heavily locked down and
  exporting those checksums from there ro, while logging into that
  system, reexporting the checksums rw, updating the system, reexport
  ro.  NFS-over-SSH should work ok.  Still, one has to have one system
  which one trusts if you are to remote administer it.


Tollef Fog Heen
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