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Re: lnw.net: No Debian security announcements

Previously Christian Hammers wrote:
> So my question is, 
> a) why no announcements

Someone broke the filter on debian-security-announce. I'm still waiting
for listmaster or debian-admin to fix that, until then there is nothing
I can do..

> b) does the security team grep the changes for "security" or similar?

That isn't very reliable, but we keep track of a number of lists to
stay up to date. So far I'm not aware of missing anything.

> c) should they make a "remembering" mail to all developers that the 
>    *maintainers* have to should up and mail to security-l if they fix
>    an important problem?

That might help sometimes; more frequently we mail a maintainer to make
him aware of an issue. 


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