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[Pkg-security] Any plans before freeze?


On Sun, 18 Sep 2016, Samuel Henrique wrote:
> I'm writing this email to see if there's any plans regarding the freeze
> that's gonna happen ~soon~.

I don't have any plan. Also I'm not so concerned about the freeze as
Kali is based on Testing and as such it's not a big deal if something is
not in Stretch, it can go in buster and it will still help to reduce
the delta between Kali and Debian.

> Although i don't have concrete ideas on what we could do to fasten the
> process, it looks like we could all benefit from a TODO list for our team.

Well, I don't know what you would put in your TODO... I believe that
the http://pkg.kali.org/derivative/kali-dev/ page is already used as a
sort of TODO.

It lacks a good way to comment on each entry though.

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