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[Pkg-security] Any plans before freeze?

Hi Samuel,

I am giving my opinion with a newbie hat on. Caveat emptor! :-)

We should try to package more top tools from kali , in my opinion 
(IMHO): metasploit, recon-ng, set, beef-xs, burpsuit... this is surely a 
task for experienced developers.

Also, i believe, that it should be good to import to our team some tools 
from the "other side" that are already packaged in Debian like snort, 
fail2ban, snoopy, logcheck... asking their maintainers to join us and 
set their packages into collaborative maintenance by our team. This way, 
our team will recruit experienced developers.

Anyway, there are still a lot of kali packages easy to import to Debian.



El 19/09/16 a las 01:21, Samuel Henrique escribi?:
> Hi team,
> I'm writing this email to see if there's any plans regarding the 
> freeze that's gonna happen ~soon~.
> IMHO we could try to get as much kali packages as possible before the 
> freeze[1], of course not giving up the quality of these packages.
> Although i don't have concrete ideas on what we could do to fasten the 
> process, it looks like we could all benefit from a TODO list for our 
> team.
> I know that TODO team's list sometimes are a bad ideia because they 
> can get way to outdated when people stop worrying about updating it. 
> But what do you think? Any other ideas?
> [1]http://pkg.kali.org/derivative/kali-dev/
> regards,
> Samuel Henrique <samueloph>

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