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[Pkg-security-team] Co-maintenance of pixiewps and/or wafw00f

2016-09-15 12:55 GMT-03:00 Daniel Echeverry <epsilon77 at gmail.com>:

> Do you make this changes? If you want, I could work in this changes ;)
> let me know  if I can help with this.
Hi Daniel, I did this changes locally and then stumbled upon a problem with
missing pluginbase, I did not dig further into the problem yet, but it
looks like we will have to package this dependency before building wafw00f.
Please feel to to push changes to the repo., maybe i did something wrong on
my side, anyway, if you still have this problem you can push as well,
considering we will have to fix that somehow.

Considering the pixiewps package, I did some little changes some days ago,
I just want to review the manpage one more time (and maybe add something)
before uploading, gonna finish it on this weekend.

Thanks for your help.

Samuel Henrique <samueloph>
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