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[Pkg-security-team] Co-maintenance of pixiewps and/or wafw00f

Hi Team!

2016-09-09 11:22 GMT-05:00 Samuel Henrique <samueloph at gmail.com>:
> Hi Gianfranco,
> Thanks for the hint, actually i already used this tool to build some drafts
> manpages that i have here.
> I just have to add the missing parts to the manpages now, unfortunately this
> work is not that much exciting, although i understand the importance of the
> manpages so i know i have no choice ?\_(?)_/?.
> regards
> Samuel Henrique <samueloph>

I Could help with this :), I will work in the manpages this weekend :)


Daniel Echeverry
Linux user: #477840
Debian user

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