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[Pkg-security-team] Recon-ng packaging


On Wed, 07 Sep 2016, Marcos Fouces wrote:
> I am working on the recon-ng package. I also have to package 2 python libs:
> python-dicttoxml and python-olefiles, should i upload to pkg-security or ask
> in python maintainers?
> As always, if someone want to work with me on them, feel free to add as
> uploader.

I believe it would be best if you joined the python-modules team for those
two packages. Hugo Lefeuvre <hle at debian.org>, an active member of that
team, was also working on packaging the Python modules that we need.

So he might be able to take care of those or maybe he can sponsor you on
those. I'm putting him in copy so that he's aware of this discussion.

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