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[Pkg-security-team] searching sponsor for the social engineering toolkit

Hi again Lorenzo,


Just to be clear, Debian Policy also talks about assuming good
faith [1], and I don't think, I don't even want to think this is the case :)
(specially when quoting something on the internet, that can be seen as a Joke
or something still not serious or said without emphasis. It is too easy
to badly understand something here ;) )

I know your work, I know your Distro, I joined this pkg-security
team (now I'm an admin), because I wanted to unify BackBox and Kali
efforts as much as possible into a single timeline and schedule
(I'm also an Ubuntu Developer MOTU, so I can fix Ubuntu bugs and keep
BackBox Ubuntu based, whenever our needs will be to base it from there).

I think having you in the Team *is* a great value, and I'm pretty sure with
some time you will be a great Maintainer, so please don't give up
and I/We will make our best to help you in whatever issues you might face in

Also, I'm pedantic as a Sponsor, this is something I have to do, because I'm sure it
avoids more work after the first upload (e.g. RC bugs, or autoremovals because of security
issues or whatever).
Other people might sponsor it without you having to fix all the work, and I'm open
to rethink about some points if you provide a good explanation or point of view.

(usually the Maintainer or future Maintainer has a broader view about his software,
so I end up in trusting his judgment when it doesn't contradict our policy) 

Thanks for understanding and lets keep up our great work :)



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