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[DSA-045-2] New version of ntp released [SECURITY] [DSA 011-2] New mgetty packages for m68k and powerpc available [SECURITY] [DSA 018-1] New version of tinyproxy released [SECURITY] [DSA 019-1] New version of squid released [SECURITY] [DSA 020-1] New versions of PHP4 released [SECURITY] [DSA 021-1] New version of Apache released [SECURITY] [DSA 022-1] New version of exmh released [SECURITY] [DSA 023-1] New version of inn2 released [SECURITY] [DSA 024-1] New version of cron released [SECURITY] [DSA 025-1] New sparc packages of OpenSSH released [SECURITY] [DSA 025-2] New sparc packages of OpenSSH released [SECURITY] [DSA 026-1] New version of BIND 8 released [SECURITY] [DSA 027-1] New OpenSSH packages released [SECURITY] [DSA 028-1] New man-db packages released [SECURITY] [DSA 029-2] New proftpd packages for m68k available [SECURITY] [DSA 030-2] New m68k packages of XFree86 released [SECURITY] [DSA 031-2] New sudo packages for powerpc available [SECURITY] [DSA 033-1] New versions of analog available [SECURITY] [DSA 034-1] New version of ePerl packages available [SECURITY] [DSA 035-1] New version of man2html available [SECURITY] [DSA 036-1] New version of Midnight Commander available [SECURITY] [DSA 037-1] New versions of Athena Widget replacement libraries available [SECURITY] [DSA 038-1] New version of sgml-tools available [SECURITY] [DSA 042-1] New XEmacs and gnuserv packages available [SECURITY] [DSA 043-1] New Zope packages available [SECURITY] [DSA 043-2] New versions of Zope fix vulnerabilities [SECURITY] [DSA 045-1] ntp remote root exploit fixed [SECURITY] [DSA 050-1] New version sendfile fix local root exploit [SECURITY] [DSA 051-1] New Netscape packages available [SECURITY] [DSA 052-1] New sendfile packages fix root exploit [SECURITY] [DSA 076-1] New most packages available [SECURITY] [DSA 079-1] New UUCP packages fix local exploit [SECURITY] [DSA 080-1] New ht://Dig packages fix vulnerability [SECURITY] [DSA 081-1] New w3m packages fix buffer overflow [SECURITY] [DSA 081-2] No w3m packages for powerpc available [SECURITY] [DSA 082-1] News Xvt packages fix buffer overflow [SECURITY] [DSA 083-1] New procmail packages fix insecure signal handling [SECURITY] [DSA 084-1] New gftp packages won't display the password [SECURITY] [DSA 085-1] New nvi packages fix format string vulnerability [SECURITY] [DSA 086-1] New versions of ssh-nonfree & ssh-socks fix buffer overflow [SECURITY] [DSA-011-1] New version of mgetty released [SECURITY] [DSA-012-1] New version of micq released [SECURITY] [DSA-013-1] New version of MySQL released [SECURITY] [DSA-014-1] New version of splitvt released [SECURITY] [DSA-014-2] Correction: New version of splitvt released [SECURITY] [DSA-015-1] New version of sash released [SECURITY] [DSA-016-1] New version of wu-ftpd released [SECURITY] [DSA-016-2] Correction: New version of wu-ftpd released [SECURITY] [DSA-016-3] Correction: New version of wu-ftpd released [SECURITY] [DSA-017-1] New version of jazip released [SECURITY] [DSA-029-1] New version of proftpd released [SECURITY] [DSA-030-1] Multiple security problems in X [SECURITY] [DSA-031-1] New version of sudo released [SECURITY] [DSA-032-1] proftp runs as root, /var symlink removal [SECURITY] [DSA-032-2] proftp runs as root, /var symlink removal [SECURITY] [DSA-039-1] glibc local file overwrite problems [SECURITY] [DSA-040-1] slrn buffer overflow [SECURITY] [DSA-041-1] joe local attack via joerc [SECURITY] [DSA-044-1] mailx local exploit [SECURITY] [DSA-046-1] exuberant-ctags uses insecure temporary files [SECURITY] [DSA-046-2] exuberant-ctags for sparc was incorrectly built [SECURITY] [DSA-047-1] multiple kernel problems [SECURITY] [DSA-048-1] remote cfingerd exploit [SECURITY] [DSA-048-1] samba symlink attacks [SECURITY] [DSA-048-2] samba for sparc was incorrectly built [SECURITY] [DSA-048-3] samba security fix update [SECURITY] [DSA-053-1] nedit symlink attack [SECURITY] [DSA-054-1] cron local root exploit [SECURITY] [DSA-055-1] gftp remote exploit [SECURITY] [DSA-055-1] zope remote unauthorized access [SECURITY] [DSA-056-1] man-db local exploit [SECURITY] [DSA-058-1] exim printf format attack [SECURITY] [DSA-059-1] man-db symlink attack [SECURITY] [DSA-060-1] fetchmail buffer overflow [SECURITY] [DSA-061-1] multiple gnupg problems [SECURITY] [DSA-062-1] rxvt buffer overflow [SECURITY] [DSA-063-1] two xinetd problems [SECURITY] [DSA-065-1] samba remote file append/creation problem [SECURITY] [DSA-066-1] cfingerd remote exploit [SECURITY] [DSA-067-1] New versions of apache, fixes index bug [SECURITY] [DSA-068-1] OpenLDAP DoS [SECURITY] [DSA-069-1] xloadimage buffer overflow [SECURITY] [DSA-070-1] netkit-telnet AYT buffer overflow [SECURITY] [DSA-071-1] fetchmail remote exploit [SECURITY] [DSA-072-1] groff printf format problem [SECURITY] [DSA-073-1] 3 security problems in imp [SECURITY] [DSA-074-1] buffer overflow in Window Maker [SECURITY] [DSA-075-1] telnetd-ssl AYT buffer overflow [SECURITY] [DSA-075-2] [sparc-only] telnetd-ssl AYT buffer overflow [SECURITY] [DSA-077-1] squid FTP PUT problem [SECURITY] [DSA-078-1] slrn command invocation [SECURITY] [DSA-087-1] wu-ftpd buffer overflow in glob code [SECURITY] [DSA-088-1] improper character escaping in fml [SECURITY] [DSA-089-1] several problems in icecast-server [SECURITY] [DSA-090-1] xtel symlink vulnerabilities [SECURITY] [DSA-091-1] OpenSSH UseLogin vulnerability [SECURITY] [DSA-092-1] local root in wmtv [SECURITY] [DSA-093-1] postfix memory exhaustion [SECURITY] [DSA-094-1] mailman cross-site scripting problem [SECURITY] [DSA-095-1] gpm (gpm-root) format string vulnerabilities The last update was on 15:10 GMT Mon May 13. 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