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[SECURITY] [DSA 081-2] No w3m packages for powerpc available

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- --------------------------------------------------------------------------
Debian Security Advisory DSA 081-2                     security@debian.org
http://www.debian.org/security/                             Martin Schulze
October 18th, 2001
- --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Packages       : w3m, w3m-ssl
Vulnerability  : Buffer Overflow
Problem-Type   : remote code execution
Debian-specific: no

In SNS Advisory No. 32 a buffer overflow vulnerability has been
reported in the routine which parses MIME headers that are returned
from web servers.  A malicious web server administrator could exploit
this and let the client web browser execute arbitrary code.

We are awfully sorry, but the powerpc version in our announcement DSA
081-1 was built on the wrong distribution (unstable instead of
stable), and thus depended on a wrong version of the glibc.  We had to
remove that file and cannot provide a fixed version.

For the powerpc architecture there is only a very old version of w3m
available.  We recommend that you don't use w3m on the powerpc
distribution.  If you require a text browser please check out links
and lynx which are both good and stable.

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