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Re: lasagne and keras

On 2020-06-24 19:13, Stephen Sinclair wrote:
> I have submitted an issue upstream but there has been no response, and
> the last real non-trivial commit was in 2018.  I believe this is
> because it depends on Theano, which we know well is already
> end-of-life, so it's possible the authors have lost interest.
> So, although I'd like to fix the strange bug with python mock, I feel
> this may not be worth worrying about if there is no cooperation from
> upstream.

In my own personal experience, I have found that the maintenance burden
of abandoned software is simply not worth the (increasing) effort if the
package has a very low popcon, as it does in this case.

Sure, if I had unlimited time, I would try to salvage it. But my time is
limited, and it is better invested in new projects, or projects that
actually reach users. Even more so when the project in question has a
known EOL, and has reached it.

> If so, this would be the first package I abandon, what is the correct
> procedure? Do I just file as orphaned?
Normally, yes, you would just file as orphaned.

However, in this particular case, with the software (or one of its
dependencies) being EOL'ed, I would consider outright asking for its
removal from the archive.

You might orphan it now, and ask for removal before the next release in
case nobody steps up.

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