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lasagne and keras

Hello Debian Science members,

These two packages are having trouble, lasagne more than keras.

lasagne has an autopkgtest bug that I have been so far unable to fix:


As a result the package has been marked for autoremoval from testing.

I have submitted an issue upstream but there has been no response, and
the last real non-trivial commit was in 2018.  I believe this is
because it depends on Theano, which we know well is already
end-of-life, so it's possible the authors have lost interest.

So, although I'd like to fix the strange bug with python mock, I feel
this may not be worth worrying about if there is no cooperation from
upstream.  If so, this would be the first package I abandon, what is
the correct procedure? Do I just file as orphaned?

As for keras, I am happy to keep it going as long as it is possible.
In my view it would be worth keeping at least until Tensorflow is
available.  I have currently filed an RFS for recent breakage if
anyone is interested to sponsor:


kind regards,

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