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[GSoC] fortnightly: blas/lapack enhancements

Hi team,

My gsoc project involves several tracks of works. And the following is
a summary about the current progress:
(The list is tracked at
 and it will grow over time)

Threading-aware virtual blas (status: stopped)

RFC https://lists.debian.org/debian-science/2020/05/msg00023.html

Bumping system default blas/lapack provider (status: stopped)

Conclusion: different BLAS/LAPACK have slightly different behaviour.
Keeping the netlib blas/lapakc as the default provider is a preferrable choice,
lest some reverse dependencies fail to build due to test errors.

Deprecating libcblas

Status: already merged. lintian will report an INFO message when there is
ELF binary linked against libcblas.so.

Julia support

Status: libopenblas64-julia is still waiting in the new queue.

libflame (a better LAPACK)

Status: still in NEW.

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