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Interested in packaging nextpnr

Hi Debian Science Team,

I’m interested in packaging nextpnr (https://github.com/YosysHQ/nextpnr) for Debian, and since the Debian Science Team currently maintains the rest of the Yosys FPGA toolchain, I thought I'd first reach out here to make sure I step on the fewest possible toes.

I’m new to contributing to the Debian project, so Keith Packard has offered to sponsor my upload and has already been gracious enough to answer my questions as I learn the basics.

I’ve created a guest account on Salsa and am hosting my packaging work there:


I wasn’t able to find any discussion or existing packaging effort, so I believe my next steps are to:

- File an ITP for nextpnr
- Continue refining the package until I end up with something that meets Debian/Debian Science policy

I welcome and appreciate any feedback!

Nate Graff

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