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Re: using package tests

The problem that I encountered was conveying the correct thing to execute (could well be a misunderstanding about what information is known for the autopkgtest).

Here's what I have:
1) a list of items that I would like to test. Each test will run with the same command. Eg,

Test-Command: /usr/bin/someExec -test-tutorial test1

2) The value of '/usr/bin/someExec' to be installed, which depends on my package name. If I am packaging basepackage12 or basepackage13 (as discussed previously about producing non-overlapping packages), then I will install /usr/bin/packageExec12 or /usr/bin/packageExec13 respectively.

Rather than having these names hard-coded into the various *.install files (and risk inconsistency and editing nightmares), I am generating them from templates.

The only way I could see about getting the correct values of /usr/bin/packageExec12 vs /usr/bin/packageExec13 into the tests was to generate these as part of the configure step.

What are my other alternatives?


On 2020-04-21 05:54, Drew Parsons wrote:
It doesn't sound like a good idea to change debian/tests/control and alter the Test-Command in it.  Wouldn't it be better to provide test script in debian/tests? i.e. triggered by a Tests: entry in debian/test/control.

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