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Re: using package tests

Hi Drew,

That is actually fairly easy!
When running the tests, is there a standard way to obtain information about what is being tested, or to pass in such information?

To explain, suppose that I define a simple runner script called 'AutoTest' that would be part of the "-tutorials" subpackage, since those are the best ones for testing if the installation is successful.

This means that in my source tree I would have something like this,


but also


Do I hard-code the /installed/path/tutorials into the tests/control ? or should these be the ones local to the build directory (ie, /some/build/path/tutorials/AutoTest) ?

I checked the env, but the only seeming relevant entry was AUTOPKGTEST_ARTIFACTS, which seems to be an empty directory.

When specifying the tests/control, I need them to depend both on the first binary package being built as well as the tutorials. So a syntax like this is what I want:

Depends: @, @-tutorials

(obviously doesn't work).

On 2020-04-18 04:43, Drew Parsons wrote:
debci tests are run in a chroot.

But for testing locally (i.e. simply running the tests), you can invoke

   autopkgtest -B -- null

It may give some differences from a chroot run depending on what else you've got installed on your system, but it saves the hassle of maintaining a chroot.

On 2020-04-18 01:59, Mark Olesen wrote:
I started looking at package tests and some of tutorial information (eg,
and https://ci.debian.net/doc/file.TUTORIAL.html).

As usual, there is lots of information, but not really sure what is
the most applicable. These tests, for example,


Which particular invocation of autopkgtest would be used for these?
It looks like they are testing on the installed package, or is there a
chroot hidden somewhere and they actually run with the built
debian/prefix/package.. hierarchy?

Since the included tests are very similar, I wanted to wrap them in a
simple "AutoTest" utility in the upstream. However, I'm not sure which
environment or other conditions are passed in there.

Any help would be appreciated.


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