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Re: updated vspline package data to upstream version 1.0.0

Dear Sébastien, dear group!

After yet another year of constant use I have decided on moving vspline
up to version 1.0.0. I consider it mature enough to warrant this step,
and I feel I can recommend it's use in production code, mainly due to my
own extensive use in pv, my image and panorama viewer, and in
python-vspline, the cppyy-based python interface to vspline.

I hope this decision meets your approval, and I also hope that my
modifications to the package infrastructure are correct - here on my
system I managed to successfully do a uscan import from upstream and
build a package with gbp which installed locally, so all should be well.

Sébastien, if you are happy with my work, please do your part. If
anything is amiss, please let me know!

When I installed the package I made here on my system, the package
management said the license was 'proprietary'. My code is licensed with
the Expat license, and this is also what I've put into debian/copyright.
Can someone help with this issue? I'd like potential users to see that
the license is indeed common and very permissive.

With fond regards
Kay F. Jahnke

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