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Re: Packaging shiny-server (Was: Bug#886815: ITP: r-cran-git2r -- GNU R access to Git repositories)


>>> I vaguely remember the nodejs stuff was quite complex - specifically for me 
>>> since I have no idea about all this nodejs / JS stuff at all.
>> Yes, there are a lot of nodejs dependencies which seem not to be packaged (didn't
>> check ITPs / RFPs):
>> node-client-sessions
>> node-http-proxy
>> node-morgan
>> node-pause
>> node-regexp-quote
>> node-rewire
>> node-shiny-server-client -> https://github.com/rstudio/shiny-server-client/
>> node-sockjs
>> node-stable
>> node-unixgroups -> https://github.com/rstudio/node-unixgroups/
>> I have absolutely no experience in packaging this stuff :-(
> Same for me. :-(
> I'm somehow optimistic that these all follow a common scheme.
> Kind regards
>        Andreas. 

Actually, packaging node modules is really easy. I recommend it for
people learning to package. The npm2deb does a lot of the hard work for you:



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