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Re: Coin3d and SoQt with Qt5 and CMake


you are right. I was confused with the original sources. It seems that the
package in experimental fix the bug.At least use the system expat library.

I'm so sorry for the noise.

El 11/01/18 a les 19:37, Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda ha escrit:
>     The bug really exists in unstable and testing. The version in experimental is
>     fixed and really depends on  libexpat1. But as I told you, soqt and pivy
>     should be fixed to be built against cmaked-version of coin3.

I suppose that soqt hs to be the cmaked version to be compiled against coin.
I'll check. pivy ... I have no idea.

>     [1] https://packages.debian.org/experimental/libcoin80v5
>             Qt5+Coin3 is difficult because freecad does not support it yet.
>             I am not going to maintain coin3+soqt+pivy.. any more (very
>             limited time and no use of those packages).
>         I hope I could help on February for this packages. I use coin3+soqt so no
>         problem here.
>     That would be fine! So we could then upload experimenatl->unstable and
>     finally fix  #874727.

yes, on February I',, will help with the migration.


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