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Re: Packaging shiny-server (Was: Bug#886815: ITP: r-cran-git2r -- GNU R access to Git repositories)


On 10.01.2018 at 14:40, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Some local manual installation of shiny-server installs the following not yet 
> packaged R packages:
>    r-cran-broom
>    r-cran-bubbles
>    r-cran-dbplyr
>    r-cran-ggvis
>    r-cran-highcharter
>    r-cran-leaflet
>    r-cran-mclust
>    r-cran-psych
>    r-cran-rlist
>    r-cran-shinysignals
>    r-cran-shinythemes
>    r-cran-wordcloud
>    r-cran-rmarkdown
> This list possibly needs to be worked down.

are you sure? grep'ing the source code for those packages ('broom', ... of course)
only shows 'rmarkdown' occurring in the source.

I only see shiny, ggplot2, reshape2, devtools and rmarkdown being used when
grep'ing for 'library(', 'require(' and 'install.package'

> I had an *old*, *non-working* packaging attempt on my local disk.  I now
> imported the latest upstream of shiny-server into this Git repository, did
> **not** yet any test build yet (so expect that the build will fail!) and
> commited it to
> https://salsa.debian.org/science-team/shiny-server.git
> Feel free to commit any changes you consider an enhancement!  I would work
> down the list or r-cran-* packages step by step and than see how complicated
> the actual shiny-server packaging is.  I vaguely remember the nodejs stuff was 
> quite complex - specifically for me since I have no idea about all this nodejs 
> / JS stuff at all.

OK, I'll have a look (unfortunately I don't have much time until beginning of


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