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Re: Debian science robotics subgroup

On 10/01/18 11:20, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Hi Leopold,
> since you give permission to post on Debian Science I do so in public.
> Please always keep the blog posting of our beloved DPL in mind!


>    https://chris-lamb.co.uk/posts/dont-ask-your-questions-in-private
> On Wed, Jan 10, 2018 at 10:08:47AM +0100, Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda wrote:
>> I have been thinking and looking on salsa and I would like to ask you if you
>> think that it could be interesting to have a subgroup about robotics.
>> With the migration to salsa, we have lost the folder of ROS and maybe I'm a bit
>> scare to have a big namespace with all the debian science packages, but it's
>> just a personal feeling.
> I'm personally not scared by the flat name space.  I do not think that
> "hiding" metainformation in a subgroup / subdir is not really helpful in
> the end.  

I'm sorry but I don't understand you here. Maybe too much "not" and a problem of
English from my part. What are you saying, creating a subgroup/subdir is helpful
yes or not?

The only thing that might be worth considering, is whether you
> think an own Debian Robotics Blend would fly (in terms of contributors
> and number of packages).  In this case a separate packaging team might
> make sense.

Well, Debian Science Team has 886 projects (source packages?). It's a big
umbrella for all scientific packages. Maybe some subcategories (subgroups or
whatever) would attract the people for a more specific project than a generic
one. The problem them would be the borders, where a package/project goes to one
place or other.

About the robotic group .... I really don't know. Jochen? Jose?


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