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Export of alioth mailing list archive not working


due to the deprecation of Alioth I now want to ask for a replacement of debian-science-sagemath@lists.alioth.debian.org on lists.debian.org. I would like the archive to be imported and followed the instructions on [1] to export the mbox file, but it didn't work:

thansen@moszumanska:~$ sudo /usr/local/bin/export-list debian-science-sagemath > output.tar.gz
Mailbox (/var/lib/mailman/archives/public//debian-science-sagemath.mbox/debian-science-sagemath.mbox) not found or empty - continuing anyway (trying to export subscribers)

I got a file containing the list of subscribers. Does anybody know how to do it? Am I missing permissions?


[1] https://wiki.debian.org/Salsa/Doc

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