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RE:dh-r changes (Was: A common group on salsa.debian.org for R packages ?)


> Sure, I agree with you in principle.

> However, from a technical point of view, there is not only the problem of the
> hostname, but also of the access path of the repositories on that host. And
> even though the AliothRewriter thing provides a partial solution to the
> problem, it is not enough, because URLs such as
> https//anonscm.d.o/r-pkg-team/$pkg do not currently work.

This is why I like a lot flat repositories. (no surprise)
one source package, one repository under 


This is the purpose of the higher level tools to organise views of the packages using meta data's.

In my days to days work, I do not care of the organsiationon the disk, I just do a

dgit clone <package>

do the modifications and then

publish using

dgit push



PS: I already created two new repo (ufo-filters and ufo-core) and indeed I used the salsa url for now.

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