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Re: New GitLab-Salsa service and Debian-Science Team

For this configuration

>   * Update the URL to salsa:
>      > git remote set-url origin
> https://salsa.debian.org/science-team/MYPACKAGE
>    * Check the new URL:
>      > git remote -v
>      origin  git@salsa.debian.org:science-team/MYPACKAGE.git (fetch)
>      origin  git@salsa.debian.org:science-team/MYPACKAGE.git (fetch)

(I wonder why there's no protocol in that output?)

Pushing to the https remote as specified above didn't work for me, only 
fetching. Adding the following to ~/.gitconfig fixes that:

[url "git+ssh://salsa.debian.org/"]
        pushInsteadOf = https://salsa.debian.org

> The next step is to update the Debian Policy. It needs to be refreshed
> anyway. I will try to import it into the salsa and propose changes to
> the text.

Instructions for creating new repos clearly need to be updated (perhaps there 
could be a little tool that creates the repo, adds appropriate webhooks using 
some ~/.salsa_private_token?) It would be great if a coordinated effort on 
that could be made rather than ad hoc curl commands each time for each team.

Are you also thinking to change the canonical URLs for git repos in the policy 
to point at salsa rather than anonscm? Let's not just yet. It seems premature 
to assume that the salsa name will be canonical rather than an implementation 
detail of the day; anonscm was, after all, supposed to be something that 
stayed with us to save us having to change 24k source packages. It's also not 
clear that the AliothRewriter is a permanent solution. (Perhaps Cool URLs Do 

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