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Re: PETSc tight dependency on OpenMPI (or MPICH) version

On Tue, Jun 28, 2016 at 12:13:14PM +0800, Drew Parsons wrote:
> So each of the major, minor and release versions need to match.  This
> is really annoying, I thought the point of release versions is that
> they didn't change the API or ABI and so could be swapped out
> interchangeably. I can only imagine (or hope) the PETSc developers have
> their reasons.

I saw so many weird things during the last openmpi transitions that it
doesn't really surprise me that much.

> Eventually the autobuildds will catch up and rebuild petsc against the
> latest openmpi (or mpich).  But while we wait for that, petsc (and
> therefore its client programs like dolfin) are in a broken state.

well that won't happen automagically, you either need a sourceful upload
or ask for a binNMU (where the release team will tell you are totally
crazy for keeping a package like that).

> PETSc is not built directly against OpenMPI. The build-dependency
> is mpi-default-dev (>= 1.0.2). mpi-default-dev is also used as a
> dependency by the libpetsc3.6.4-dev and libpetsc-complex-3.6.4-dev
> packages.

well, based on the value of $(MPI) you can make a dependency on
libopenmpi-dev or libmpich-dev, if you want (I don't think you need).

> Any thoughts on how we could improve that, while keeping the build-
> dependency on the general mpi-default-dev rather than the specific
> implementation of MPI?

The only way to improve that is imho to write up some craziness to tight
the dependency on libopenmpi1.10, so you get
    libopenmpi1.10 (>= 1.10.3), libopenmpi1.10 (<< 1.10.4)
or something like that.  This will prevent the installation of a
non-camptible libopenmpi, and will also prevent the testing migration of
openmpi until petsc is rebuilt for the new patch release.

A lot saner way to improve the situation, is to figure why the hell
petsc needs such a thing, and do something to stop it.

                        Mattia Rizzolo

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