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RFP: levmar -- Levenberg-Marquardt nonlinear least squares algorithms in C/C++

Using the amazing http://codesearch.debian.net one finds that levmar is included in rather many source packages in Debian:

freemat: levmar-2.3
hugin: some older version, probably patched
meshlab: levmar-2.3
sextractor: levmar-2.3
starlink-ast: parts of some older version from 2004
stimfit: levmar-2.5
(teem: can be linked with levmar, but apparently is not)

Since most of the packages above are maintained by Debian Science, is there anyone who would want to take on a simple library package?

All included code is from an older version than the latest levmar-2.6, so making levmar useful in Debian would require a considerable amount of forward porting and fixing of upstream sources. On the other hand, having the same code in six source packages is already a pretty bad case of duplication.


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