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Re: Report from Debian Science BoF at DebConf 13

Lame me missed the whole debconf13 in physical presence and remote
participation in this BoF. 

FWIW it is great to see that discussion was going about the issue of

From the wiki:

    Create a dh_science helper
    All debian/upstream files could be installed inside the binary package at for instance
    This could just be done by some dh_science helper automatically and it also could add some trigger which creates an according BibTeX file all time a new package containing a citation is installed. 

I would vote for this feature! ;)  so far I have been adding debian/upstream to
docs of the my packages pretty much with the hope that some time later they
could be used exactly for that purpose of collecting bibliographies for
installed packages... echoing an older somewhat abandoned  attempt where
we suggested to keep bibliography in copyright files


I would not call the helper dh_science though since it is not
science-specific... if bibliographies to come solely from debian/upstream,
should be dh_upstream I guess ;)


On Mon, 12 Aug 2013, Andreas Tille wrote:

> Hi to all who were not able to enjoy DebConf,

> we just had some Science BoF with some results about handling citations.
> I did the summary inside the Wiki to enable further input:

>    https://wiki.debian.org/DebianScience/Citations

> There was some hint about the usage of DebTags via goplay / goscience.

> It was also discussed why we can not cover all needs we have in Blends
> by debtags and nobody even raised their hand to volunteer making sure we
> get some match between DebTags and Tasks which would enable some kind of
> matching in a sense that if a package fits per DebTag information it
> could be automatically taken over to the relevant task.  As long as this
> does not happen the most simple way to get your package included into a
> task is naming the package and the task(s) it fits into on the Debian
> Science mailing list.  We do the edit for you if you have no idea how to
> add the one liner per package into the tasks file.

> The gobby notes do not contain further results - perhaps somebody has
> some comments about important things.  Other attendees might comment on.

> Greetings from Le Camp

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