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Re: GAP: local package installation

Rupert Swarbrick <rswarbrick@gmail.com> writes:
> As such, I suspect you want to untar it in /usr/share/gap/pkg/, which is
> the "pkg subdirectory" for Debian's GAP installations. Note: I haven't
> tried this.

You should never install things into /usr unless you _really_ know what
you are doing. /usr is managed by dpkg. 

GAP looks for packages based on  environment
variable GAP_LIB, which can be set to a ';' seperated list of "gap root
directories". On Debian the default setting (in /usr/bin/gap)


As far as I can tell, where the original poster put it _should_
work. Unfortunately I don't know anything about that particular gap
package; the installation instructions do mention some configuration and
a shell script to start the daemon.


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