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Re: Bug#682893: RFS: freefoam/0.1.2-1 (for experimental)

On 07/26/2012 11:36 PM, Dmitrijs Ledkovs wrote:
> Hello Michael,
> Thank you for your work!
> First small comment, instead of adding debian-science to CC, next time
> use X-Debbugs-CC. The difference is: if in CC reply-all adds submit@ and
> you get a loop of filing new bugs, in X-Debbugs-CC only
> ######@bugs.debian.org will be in the loop.

Oops, sorry. Didn't know that. I just hope I'll remember the next time ;-)

> Now about the rest follows:
> ok.
>> I think with the modifications I made I fixed some important bugs, some
>> of which I would consider to be RC. E.g. 0.1.0-1 contained some non-free
>> source and documentation files. Also, the documentation as it is
>> currently installed is pretty buggy and does not work as expected. Also,
>> the *.so symlinks where not split off into the libfreefoam-dev package
>> and the Python files where not separated into python* packages.
> currently there are no open RC bugs against the package.
> If there are RC bugs (as per policy that is, not as per your own
> standards ;-) ), please open them and use the correct Version: header.

Ok, thanks for clarifying that. Will do.

>> Some of these bugs I fixed directly in the upstream project, resulting
>> in FreeFOAM-0.1.2, a pure bug-fix version. Then I imported this new
>> upstream release, and applied all my fixes to the package, whose
>> changelog you can see above.
> The packaging changes are intrusive (e.g. introducing new binary
> packages, new upstream release, packaging changes, etc). This is not
> acceptable for a freeze exception, given that none of these things close
> any of RC bugs.... (you should open them hint hint ;-) )

That's what I feared. But thanks to the wonders of git this shouldn't be
too much work...

>> Now, my question is how I should proceed properly. Is it acceptable to
>> upload freefoam-0.1.2-1 despite the freeze given that the new version is
>> only a bug-fix release?
> It is fine to upload as it is into experimental.
> It is fine to backport this into wheezy-backports, post release.
> If you want some fixes in wheezy, open RC bugs, and fix said RC bugs
> only (mini-packaging fork).

Will do. Thanks for your help.


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