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Re: Bug#682410: viennacl: FTBFS in a minimal sid amd64 chroot

Hi Michael,

On 26/07/12 22:39, Michael Wild wrote:
> How should I proceed? Should I upload viennacl-1.2.0-2 to mentors and
> ask for sponsorship? I don't suppose that 1.3.0-1 would be uploadable
> due to the freeze, right?
> Michael

The diff between 1.2.0-1 and 1.3.0-1 is huge:
 311 files changed, 19800 insertions(+), 3235 deletions(-)

So viennacl 1.2.0-2 with only the fix for this bug sounds like the best idea to
me. That'd make it easier for the Release Team to review the diff and to grant a
freeze exception to viennacl eventually.

Kind regards
Sebastian Ramacher

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