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RE : RE : cctbx debian package

> À OK, as for the py-ext linking against python*.* should be fixed now.


> But interesting is the lintian warnings about missing symlinks
> lib*.so.0 -> lib*.so

if I remember correctly the install target is the one which create the symlinks with autotools.
A good reason to stick with the autotools. Everything comes together for free :).
But hey peoples think that theses brand new build systems are sexy...

> Just found out that scons builtin Install() command does not install symlinks
> but it follows them. So again I have to rip that all apart and probably utilize
> libtool for Install() again.

This is why in my first post I was interested by a Makefile.am generator using the introspection of their build system :)
Good luck and once again thanks for your efforts.


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