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Re: Bug#681167: RFS: cellml-api/20120711-1

On 11/07/12 14:45, Andrew Miller wrote:
Package: sponsorship-requests
CC: debian-science@lists.debian.org
CC: debian-mentors@lists.debian.org

The CellML API (upstream website: http://cellml-api.sf.net/) is an application programming interface, along with a complete reference implementation, for manipulating and processing mathematical models in the CellML format (http://www.cellml.org/). It is tri-licensed under the GPL / LGPL and MPL licenses (i.e. can be used under any one of the three).

This packaging enables all the main features of the API implementation:
* Core library for manipulating arbitrary CellML mathematical models. This includes a W3C DOM and W3C MathML DOM implementation.
  * RDF processing library for processing CellML metadata.
* CellML Variable Association Service to simplify working with models where the same variable is split across multiple components (possibly imported from multiple files). * CellML Units Simplification and Expansion Service, for processing physical units as required by the CellML specifications. * MathML to Language Export Service, for converting MathML mathematical expressions into text in a customisable way. * CellML Code Generation Service, for converting from CellML models into imperative code for solving systems of differential-algebraic equations described in the model. * CellML Integration Service, for running numerical simulations described in CellML models with SUNDIALS IDA. * Text Language for the Input of CellML Models Service, for converting to and from a plain-text format, to facilitate the input and display of CellML models by and to end users. * CellML Language Export Definition Service, for processing XML files that describe how to translate a CellML model into imperative code in a particular language. * SED-ML Processing Service, for manipulating simulation experiment descriptions in Simulation Experiment Description Markup Language (http://sedml.org) * SED-ML Running Service, for running simulation experiments described in SED-ML. * Documentation generated from the IDL files and supplementary documentation files by Doxygen.
  * Java bindings.
  * Development package with C++ headers and libraries.

Packages are up on mentors.d.n:
Repository containing the debian directory is up at:

Package quality: The package is Lintian clean except for spurious warnings about hardening (hardening is enabled, but some of the shared objects don't use anything from glibc that can be hardened, and so trigger false positive warnings) and 'shlib-calls-exit' (which is caused by the use of a C++ flex scanner). The docs package also has a duplicate-files warning, but this is a consequence of using Doxygen.

In addition, I have manually checked the package for compliance with the Debian Science policy, and believe it complies.

I just wanted to follow up on this RFS given that I haven't had any reviews or sponsors come forward. Can anyone suggest any potential sponsors who I might be able to approach?

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